Liquid format carnitine now available under the Wawan Protein brand

Jun 3rd, 2021
wawan protein carnitine 3000

Middle Eastern brand Wawan Protein has had a carnitine powder supplement in its lineup for some time, and it is purely a carnitine supplement, featuring 2.5g of the title ingredient in each of its 60 servings per tub. Starting this week, the hugely popular company is offering a separate standalone carnitine product that also packs a good amount of carnitine but in a different format.

Wawan Protein has released L-Carnitine 3000, a concentrated liquid form carnitine, and true to its name, it has 3,000mg of carnitine per serving, with 33 servings a bottle. The product is available now from Wawan’s online store in a Fruit Punch flavor at 13 KD (43.22 USD), which doesn’t work out to better value than the original, although the format will be a nice change for fans.