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1st Phorm gets into high-protein nut butter with peanut and almond options

1st phorm nut butter

Popular mainstream brand 1st Phorm has put together something for the nut butter market with its simply named “1st Phorm Nut Butter”, which does have a key functional benefit. Coming from a sports nutrition brand, it’s not too surprising that 1st Phorm has infused its latest product with milk isolate to give you more protein per serving than traditional nut butter.

The all-new 1st Phorm Nut Butter comes in four flavors with Brownie Batter and Cinnamon Roll, which are almond-based, then you have the two peanut-based options, Honey Butter and Peanut Butter Banana. The macros do vary slightly from flavor to flavor, and so do the ingredients; for example, Honey Butter has actual honey, and Brownie Batter has chocolate chips.

The range in nutrition profile for the 1st Phorm Nut Butter starts with 9 to 10g of protein in a two-tablespoon serving, 14 to 15g of fat, 6 to 9g of carbohydrates, and similar calories around 180 to 190. You can purchase 1st Phorm’s functional product through its website, although only in packs of two, in your choice of flavors at a combined $25.99, or $13 for each 10oz jar.