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Advanced GG comes out with a regular version of its Blueberry Acai Focus 2.0

advanced gg blueberry acai focus 2

Gaming brand Advanced GG and its more advanced energy and focus supplement Focus 2.0 have a new flavor on the market, only a month after its last addition in SirD’s Sour Watermelon Focus 2.0. The latest from the brand is not a collaboration like Sour Watermelon; it’s a more straightforward creation, although seemingly the same as another flavor already available for Focus.

One of Advanced GG’s previously released flavors of Focus 2.0 is Blueberry Tracker Acai, put together in partnership with gaming stats company Tracker Network. The latest flavor of Focus 2.0 from Advanced GG is indeed Blueberry Acai, notably without “Tracker” in the name and not featuring the collaboration callout on the label, leaving us to believe it’s a regular, ongoing version.

You can still purchase Advanced GG’s Blueberry Tracker Acai from its online store, which now sits alongside a regular Blueberry Acai Focus 2.0, with both of them priced at the supplement’s usual $44.99.

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