Cocktail-inspired Mojito arriving next week for Apollon’s pre-workout Hooligan

apollon nutrition mojito hooligan

Apollon Nutrition has been relentless since the start of the year, releasing supplement after supplement, flavor after flavor, and this week we’ve got news of the latter once again. The hardcore brand has confirmed it is coming out with another option for its more balanced and comprehensive stimulant pre-workout Hooligan, built for intense energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

The latest edition of Hooligan, Hooligan V5, currently has three flavors on its menu in Turnpike Tea, Strawberry Margarita, and Fuzzy Navel, which will soon be joined by a fourth in the cocktail-inspired Mojito. While we’re only getting news of Mojito Hooligan today, the brand is planning to have it out and available on Monday of next week, so it’s one week away from launch.