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Arms Race delivers a packed out formula in its comprehensive Immunity Greens

arms race nutrition immunity greens

Arms Race Nutrition has dropped the formula behind its long-awaited superfood supplement, Immunity Greens, which was first mentioned back at the end of last year. Immunity Greens is a superfood product but separates itself from the many other competitors in the category by infusing itself with a handful of effective and well-dosed ingredients for immune health.

Arms Race Nutrition has packed its upcoming Immunity Greens, due to launch this coming Monday through the brand’s website, with 2.4g of psyllium husk and another hefty 2g dose of TruServ greens. Continuing on the health and wellness side, the supplement has a probiotic blend providing five billion CFUs, 100mg of digestive enzymes, and the Phyto-C blend of antioxidants.

As mentioned, another crucial part of Immunity Greens is its ability to support and strengthen your immune system, and for that, you get premium TRAACs chelated minerals, including 30mg of zinc, and vitamins C and D3 at half a gram and 125mg, respectively. There is also Eldermune branded elderberry at 100mg a serving, and finally another premium feature in 500mg of EpiCor.

Arms Race Nutrition has certainly brought together a comprehensive health, wellness, immune, digestion, and gut health-supporting supplement in Immunity Greens. The product has been a long time coming, and it seems well worth the wait and another great entry into the brand’s lineup, which has consistently brought robust formulas to their respective categories.