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Full family of fruity flavors coming to ATP’s Noway Collagen next week

atp science no way juicy collagen announced

Over the past couple of years, a trend has emerged in the protein powder category, where brands have put together refreshing, fruity flavors for whey products instead of the usual chocolate and vanilla. We’ve seen it from several new to mid and major supplement companies, and now Australia’s ATP Science is getting in on the action, although in typical ATP style, it’s not like any of the others.

ATP Science has announced that next week, it is releasing Noway Juicy Collagen, which is a spin-off of its original protein powder, Noway Collagen. For those unfamiliar with the brand and product, Noway Collagen is a collagen-based protein powder. It relies on BodyBalance branded collagen to provide 15g of protein per serving, less than a gram of carbohydrates and fat, and 65 calories.

From what we understand, Noway Juicy Collagen will feature the same formula as the original Noway Collagen, but of course, with refreshing, fruity, juicy flavor options. There will be four of those flavors in total, with Grape, Mixed Berry, Pineapple, and Pink Lemonade. As mentioned, ATP Science is dropping its juicy family on Wednesday of next week at precisely 8AM local time.