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Axe and Sledge creates Your Mom’s Sweet Peach and Your Mom’s Lemonade for Summer

axe and sledge summertime flavors

Several supplement companies have come out with special edition, Summer-themed flavors this season, from small to large brands and from all over the world. This Thursday, Seth Feroce’s popular company Axe and Sledge is doing just that with two alternatively branded, refreshing Summer creations for its full spectrum amino product, The Grind.

As per usual with Axe and Sledge supplement releases, its latest creations are entertaining with Your Mom’s Lemonade and Your Mom’s Sweet Peach, as mentioned, both for its amino The Grind. For those that need a quick refresher on the product, it packs 7.5g of all nine EAAs per serving, 5g of that BCAAs, plus a handful of ingredients for hydration.

Once again, Axe and Sledge is dropping its special Summer edition Your Mom’s Lemonade and Your Mom’s Sweet Peach flavors of The Grind this Thursday through its online store at $39.99 a tub.