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Build Fast Formula’s next product promises to fill a hole in a popular category

build fast formula fat burner

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything new from the team at Build Fast Formula, with its most recent launch being the simpler stimulant pre-workout Blitz3d from September of last year. While the brand has been around for some time now, it still doesn’t cover all that many categories, with protein, pre-workout, creatine, and, of course, its original pump supplement VasoBlitz.

Build Fast Formula has started teasing another addition to its lineup this week with a preview of a beta sample bottle. The brand is keeping the category of the product a mystery but has said it’s for a popular area of the market. We can also see on the label of the beta sample bottle that a single serving is just one capsule, which does give us some idea of what we might be in for.

Our guess at Build Fast Formula’s upcoming mystery supplement is either a fat burner or some sort of stackable capsule pre-workout. We’re leaning more towards the former, as a fat burner would give the brand a lot more variety. The weight loss category is very fitting as well; as mentioned, the product has a single capsule serving size, which is most common in that type of supplement.

When we have more information on Build Fast Formula’s next entirely new product, we’ll be sure to share it, but for now, all we know is it’s a single capsule formula for a popular category. The brand has also said it’ll be filling a hole in the category it comes under, making it all the more intriguing.