Two more health formulas join Chaos and Pain’s basic selection of supplements

Jul 14th, 2021
chaos and pain vitamin c gummies

Chaos and Pain is back again this month, with two releases this time around, and like most of the products we’ve seen from the brand in 2021, they’re basic and straightforward supplements. The latest from Chaos and Pain is Elderberry Fruit Plus and Vitamin C Gummies, which explain what they’re all about and their key ingredients in their names.

Elderberry Fruit Plus from Chaos and Pain features two types of elderberry fruit extract, for a combined 600mg per serving to support immune health and help with commong flu symptoms. Vitamin C Gummies is slightly more complex, combining vitamin C at a small 20mg per two gummies, another small dose with zinc at 3mg, and 10mg of echinacea.

Much like Elderberry Fruit Plus, Chaos and Pain’s Vitamin C Gummies have been put together to support and strengthen your immune system, and you can stack them together. The products are available on the brand’s website at the introductory prices of $14.99 and $12.99, and can be purchased in a bundle with the brand’s Immune Support at even better $24.99.