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Clash Of The Cans round one goes live with over 60 energy drinks in the running

clash of the cans round one

Round one of the 2021 edition of Clash Of The Cans is now open, with over 60 different products available to vote on. The first round is an all-out war, where we have every entry listed, and the 16 most voted for go through to the quarterfinals. Everyone else gets knocked out unless there are ties around that 16th placing, then we may have one or two extra in the second round.

Clash Of The Cans is an annual contest where we venture to find the most popular energy drink with our audience. The first time we ran the competition, Cellucor’s C4 Energy took home the title, then last year, it was Reign Total Body Fuel. Both products are in Clash Of The Cans for 2021, so we may end up with our first-ever two-time champion or an all-new and third titleholder.

As per usual, we’re giving everyone until the end of the week to get their one vote in, as at midnight this Sunday, it closes, and we move on to the quarterfinals. To have your say, get your vote in, and make sure your favorite energy drink progresses, head over to and for those looking to further show support, be sure to share the contest on social media.

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