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Jay Cutler gives his amino Generate its second Sour Series flavor

cutler nutrition sour lemonade generate

Cutler Nutrition’s Sour Series is a family of sour candy flavors, first seen for its stimulant pre-workout Prevail, and has since increased to three options in Sour Rainbow Candy, Sour Lime Gummy Worm, and Sour Blue Straws. Another product in the Cutler Nutrition lineup that has Sour Series flavors is its amino Generate, featuring a combined 7g of all nine EAAs.

Jay Cutler and his brand Cutler Nutrition have now made it two Sour Series flavors for its muscle recovery-supporting Generate with the already available Sour Rainbow Candy joined by Sour Lemonade. That option is actually from the menu of the brand’s stimulant-free pre-workout Amplify and is something you won’t find available for any of its other supplements.

As with all of Cutler Nutrition’s products, the new Sour Series Sour Lemonade Generate is available first through its online store, where a full-size, 30 serving tub of Generate carries a reasonable regular price of $29.99