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Foodspring blends real food ingredients for its nutritious Breakfast Bowl

foodspring breakfast bowl

Foodspring is known for its creative ability to take balanced and healthy nutrition and put it into different formats of products beyond the usual protein powder and protein bar. Breakfast Bowl is the latest from the European lifestyle brand, and it is precisely what it’s called; a combination of real food ingredients in powder form to throw in a bowl, mix with milk or water, and enjoy for breakfast.

Foodspring’s Breakfast Bowl comes in three flavors, each of which has its own individual selection of ingredients, with its key features highlighted in the flavor names. There is Spirulina Coconut, Raspberry Acai, and Mango Turmeric. The product does have some consistent ingredients that are used across all three Breakfast Bowl options in the likes of oat flour, oatmeal, and date powder.

The macros in a serving of Foodspring’s Breakfast Bowl do, of course, vary across each of the flavors with 4.2 to 5.3g of protein, 25 to 32g of carbohydrates with 8 to 16g of that sugar, 2 to 9g of fat, and 165 to 211 calories. As you can see, the nutrition numbers do differ quite a bit, with Raspberry Acai being the leanest of the lot and featuring a fruity blend of raspberry, red currant, and banana.

Foodspring’s breakfast product is available now through its online store at €19.99 (23.52 USD) for a tub of 450g, which works out to nine servings if you are happy with those macros mentioned above.