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G Fuel and Free Guy create a special edition energy drink flavor named Flavor Bomb

free guy flavor bomb g fuel energy drink

G Fuel has put together some pretty interesting collaborations over the years for both its flagship gaming supplement and its now very popular spin-off, the G Fuel Energy Drink. The brand has teamed up with video game developers and created flavors to release alongside games, and of course, partnered with several individual influencers and ambassadors.

We had yet to see G Fuel collaborate with a movie, although that is exactly what we have this week where the gaming brand has come together with the film Free Guy, due to hit theaters August 13th. G Fuel and Free Guy’s product is a creative and intriguing flavor of the G Fuel Energy Drink called “Flavor Bomb”, which is a mix of cotton candy, watermelon, and vanilla.

Flavor Bomb’s can features a full-on Free Guy theme with promotional artwork from the film covering the backside and a “only in theaters” call-out on the front. You can sign up to join the waitlist and be notified when you can purchase Flavor Bomb G Fuel Energy Drink over at, where the brand currently says it’s aiming for an early August launch.

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