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Greg Doucette’s fat burner isn’t up to his standard so he discounts it to $20

greg doucette price change htlt fat burner

Fitness personality and influencer Greg Doucette recently introduced his own line of sports nutrition supplements called HTLT, made up of Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, and Fat Burner. The products are all named after their categories, and while the pre-workout packs quite a solid, well-rounded formula, the brand’s weight loss supplement isn’t anywhere near as impressive with some low-dose highlights.

Greg Doucette has now come out and announced he also feels his HTLT Fat Burner is not up to scratch, and the formula isn’t at the standard he wants. With all of the things he does behind the scenes, he delegated the responsibility of the product but unfortunately did not like the result. Doucette has decided to do something we haven’t ever seen a supplement company do in an effort to make up for Fat Burner.

Firstly, Greg Doucette and his brand HTLT are already working on another weight loss product called GShred that’ll be more advanced, well-dosed, and comprehensive than their original fat burner. As for the current supplement over on the brand’s website, the category-named Fat Burner has been dropped from its previous high price of $49.99 down by a massive 60% to $19.99 per bottle.

Anyone that pre-ordered HTLT’s Fat Burner before the price drop is also going to be given some alternative options. Greg Doucette and his brand are letting pre-orderers get a complete refund, receive three bottles of the original weight loss supplement, or get the one bottle plus $30 credit. Again, these are things we have never seen from a brand of any size, and it’s quite impressive and refreshing.

Greg Doucette didn’t say anything about when GShred would be revealed or up for pre-order, only that it’s in the works and will likely be more on the level of his well-put-together pre-workout. For now, as mentioned, the HTLT Fat Burner is available for pre-order through the brand’s online store at $19.99 instead of $49.99, with shipping on pre-orders due to take place in the first week of next month.

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