Obvi unveils its first drink and it fits right in with its health and wellness lineup


Obvi is very clearly having one of its best years to date in 2021, filling it with creative, exciting, and fun products, including its impressive Entenmann’s Chocolate Chip Cookies collaboration. As big as some of those items have been, the lifestyle brand is far from done and has just announced another significant effort with Obvi’s first-ever beverage.

Obvi has unveiled H2Obvi, which not the typical product most companies drop as their first beverage. H2Obvi is a collagen-powered drink, similar to the brand’s original supplement, packing 8g of it in every bottle. It also includes 60mg of hyaluronic acid and electrolytes for hydration, making for a unique health and wellness drink that fits with the brand’s lineup.


To top it all off, Obvi’s H2Obvi is nutritionally friendly, with virtually zero carbohydrates, no sugar and fat, 7g of protein from the collagen, and a calorie count of 32. Those macros are the same for both of the product’s flavors: the green-colored Limeade and light blue-colored Blue Slushie.

Obvi’s upcoming H2Obvi is primarily a hydration drink powered by the inclusion of its electrolytes and format, although it has the added beauty and joint benefits of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The brand is planning to launch the beverage soon, with its online store set to price it at $44.99 for a case of a dozen 8.5 fl oz bottles, which works out to $3.75 each.