Huge adds a new flavor each to its amino BCAA and sleep formula Hibernate

Jul 9th, 2021
huge nutrition passion fruit hibernate

Huge Nutrition is treating fans to not one but two new flavors this week, spread across two supplements, both of which fall under separate categories but do have the same goal in mind. The growing and still relatively new brand has put together one flavor for its BCAA-based amino supplement simply named “BCAA”, and the other one is for its nighttime product Hibernate.

The flavor added to Huge Nutrition’s BCAA and also the supplement’s second only option is a Bomb Pop-inspired Bomb Popsicle. Then for the sleep and recovery enhancing Hibernate, which also had just one flavor available before this week, is Passion Fruit. Both of the products are in stock now on the brand’s website at $39.99 for BCAA and slightly more for Hibernate at $44.95.