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LionEdge improves the Sour Mango Peach Rings flavor of its amino BCAA Edge

lion edge improved sour mango peach rings bcaa edge

LionEdge Nutrition is releasing a flavor of its amino supplement BCAA Edge today, and while it is something fans of the brand will already be familiar with, there is a key difference. The flavor is Sour Mango Peach Rings, and the catch with it is that LionEdge is relaunching the product with a change in packaging and an improved overall flavor experience.

The revamped Sour Mango Peach Rings BCAA Edge has been shifted into a shorter bottle, still squeezing in 30 total servings, and as mentioned, it is said to offer a better taste than the original. LionEdge Nutrition is making the new and improved flavor of BCAA Edge available for purchase through its website later today at 3PM Pacific Time or 6PM Eastern Time.

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