Simple full-spectrum EAA supplement comes to the Mammut lineup

mammut nutrition eaa powder

Germany-based Mammut Nutrition has an all-new supplement out this week in Europe, and while it is a typical type of product for many other companies, it is not something Mammut had in its lineup. EAA Powder is the name of the brand’s latest effort, and it is as straightforward as it sounds, featuring only EAAs as its main ingredient in simple, flavored powder form.

Mammut Nutrition’s EAA Powder packs a little over 6g of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, with over half of that being BCAAs at about 3.3g. As mentioned, the supplement is straightforward, with EAAs being its one and only feature, and that simplicity is reflected in its price, as a tub of 28 servings is only €11.99 (14.15 USD) from the German retailer Best Body.

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