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Second run of the returning ‘Merica Energy is bringing with it another flavor

merica energy sixth flavor in september

‘Merica Labz only just brought back its original hit energy drink, ‘Merica Energy, which has its differences from the previous version but is still very much an enjoyable beverage and above many others. The product came to market in five flavors; two of those are from the original with Patriot Punch, Freedom, County Fair, the smooth and improved Victory, and our favorite, Daytona Beach.

Despite only being out there for a few weeks, ‘Merica Labz has already essentially sold through all of the ‘Merica Energy stock from its initial run. That is a huge success for the brand, and a testament to how missed the original was. Unfortunately, ‘Merica Labz is not expecting to get a second run done, ready, and available until sometime in September, so that’s about a two-month wait.

The good news is ‘Merica Energy’s second run is going to be much larger, but more importantly, it is bringing with it a sixth flavor option, and, of course, the brand is not revealing it yet. Whatever it turns out to be, we’re excited to see and try it, especially since flavor extensions were what made the original so popular with us, which initially hit the market in 2018 in four great flavors.