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Red, White & Boom drops to $30 each for three in the lead up to its sequel

merica labz triple tub red white boom deal

Yesterday we posted about ‘Merica Labz new and — judging by its formula — improved version of its flagship stimulant pre-workout, Red, White & Boom. The supplement includes several changes compared to its predecessor, most notably more caffeine at a combined 420mg per serving and more ingredients for pumps and focus, including VasoDrive-AP and alpha-GPC.

‘Merica Labz is planning to launch its reformulated and rebranded Red, White & Boom pre-workout soon, although if you enjoy the current version and want to stock up, the brand has a great opportunity for you. If you head to the ‘Merica Labz website, you’ll see that you can buy one tub of Red, White & Boom at its usual $44.99, or if you grab two, you’ll get a third one free.

The ‘Merica Labz promotion works out to $30 a tub when buying the three Red, White & Booms, and you get to pick the flavors with eight different tastes to choose from. As mentioned, it’s certainly a worthwhile offer for fans and regular users of the current version of the pre-workout and a great way to clear out the supplement in preparation for the sequel’s arrival.