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Dark Matter welcomes Grape to its menu and celebrates with 30% off

mhp grape dark matter

Dark Matter is one of the longer-running supplements in the MHP lineup, dating back well before its current branding to that darker blue look topped with a grey lid. It is a packed-out post-workout product featuring a hefty 48g of carbohydrates per serving from a variety of common sources, primarily maltodextrin, plus a 5g blend of different creatines and 6g of EAAs.

We’re putting Dark Matter in the spotlight today as MHP has given the post-workout supplement another flavor to choose from, adding to its previous menu of Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Lime. The newest entry in the family is a straightforward Grape, which is in stock now on the brand’s website at a discounted $46.19 to celebrate the launch.

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