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Introducing the balanced and nutritious meal replacement brand BeNu from Myprotein

myprotein benu

Mainstream sports nutrition brand Myprotein has launched a new line, or spin-off brand of supplements called BeNu, which is all about complete and balanced nutrition. Myprotein’s BeNu has hit the market with two meal replacement products, both called “Complete Balanced Nutrition”, and are separated by their main ingredients, as one is completely plant-based and vegan-friendly.

Regardless of which BeNu Complete Balanced Nutrition you grab, their nutrition profiles are much the same. They both have 34g of protein in a 103g serving, 34g of carbohydrates although slightly less for the vegan version at 32g, 1 to 2g of sugar, 13g of fat, and calorie counts of 402 and 400 for the regular Complete Balanced Nutrition.

The main ingredients behind BeNu’s debut supplements are oat flour, sunflower oil creamer, and whey concentrate, which is swapped in the plant-based Complete Balanced Nutrition for pea protein. The two meal replacements also have a few added ingredients to make them more comprehensive, including Aquamin minerals, Wellmune, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

The idea behind BeNu and Complete Balanced Nutrition is to give fans a simple and quick meal replacement that includes everything people need. Both versions of the supplement are available through Myprotein’s website in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee flavors, and cost £8.99 for a five serving bag, £15.99 for ten, and £28.99 for a 21, although that is only for the whey option.