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South Africa’s NPL promising energy and focus in its upcoming Hustle beverage

npl hustle energy drink

South African brand NPL has previewed an interesting new product that, by the looks of things, will put it into a category that continues to see sports nutrition brands enter. The product is called Hustle, and as you can see in the image above, it appears to be a carbonated energy drink, which, as mentioned, is something we’ve seen many other brands come out with over the past couple of years.

We can’t see a whole lot of details in the teaser images NPL has shared of its Hustle energy drink, only that it’s carbonated and has a typical can volume of 14.9oz or 440ml. The brand has passed on a few words with the images, and those provide a bit more information, saying that it’ll have reliable, bottomless, and crash-free energy, with nootropic ingredients providing sniper-like mental focus.

Basically, it sounds like NPL has something quite interesting up its sleeve with the Hustle energy drink. It also seems as though it’ll be debuting with three flavors to choose from, as there are three teaser images, each featuring a slight change in colors. We’re not sure exactly when the intriguing Hustle beverage is dropping, but as soon as we get more information, we’ll be sharing it here.

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