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Nutraphase introduces its delicious small-batch snack brand Protein & Co

nutraphase protein and co protein bar

Nutraphase has come out with an all-new functional brand called Protein & Co, separate from its own line and name. You can get a glimpse of the brand’s first product and its packaging in the image above and clearly see it is very different from Nutraphase. More importantly, the Protein & Co product is a protein bar, and it looks and sounds absolutely delicious.

Protein & Co is all about small-batch, hand-crafted protein snacks made with clean ingredients and delivering delicious experiences. The build of the brand’s protein bar is fairly typical with a doughy base, a gooey layer on top of that, all coated in chocolate, and bits throughout the bar. Those bits vary from flavor to flavor, and include things like peanuts and rich dark chocolate chips.

There are three tasty flavors for Nutraphase’s Protein & Co protein bar in Hazelnut Nougat, Crunchy Chocolate Fudge, and Chocolate Salty Peanut. They all have a moderate 15g of protein per bar, a little under that more common 20g, 22 to 24g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 9 to 11g of fat, and very reasonable calories, sitting between 190 and 200.

Looking at the ingredients, pictures, and nutrition, the Protein & Co protein bar has the makings of a delicious snack. That moderate protein is a good sign, as in our experience; usually, the more the protein is under 20g, the better tasting the snack. If you’d like to try the protein bar, you can head to Nutraphase’s website and pick them up at $34.99 (27.83 USD) a box.