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Onnit prices its super-charged Alpha Brain Black Label at $124.95 a bottle

onnit alpha brain black label

Onnit has released its more advanced focus supplement Alpha Brain Black Label, described as a super-charged experienced compared to the brand’s original hit nootropic, Alpha Brain. The formula behind the product is a step up from Alpha Brain, although to be fair, there isn’t a whole lot in the regular version, and most of its ingredients are in non-transparent blends.

Onnit’s Alpha Brain Black Label is a completely transparent supplement, so you know the precise dose you get in every serving. It includes a gram of mucuna pruriens, 200mg of SerinAid 50P, 250mg of citicoline, half a gram of lion’s mane, Lutemax 2020, theanine, and huperzine a. Caffeine is in there too for some energy, although in an extremely small amount of 25mg.

As mentioned, the formula Onnit has packed into Alpha Brain Black Label isn’t bad and will certainly provide that super-charged step up from Alpha Brain. It has ingredients to support mental focus, cognition, alertness, energy, and eye health, thanks to Lutemax 2020. The big surprise with the Black Label spin-off is the price, as it is in the three-figure range.

onnit alpha brain black label

A full-size, 20 serving bottle of Onnit’s Alpha Brain Black Label will cost you $124.95, or if you go with one of its subscriptions options, you can discount it by 15%, but it’ll still be over $100 at $106.21. Again, it’s not that it won’t be effective and provide some reliable benefits; just that the price tag is immense, especially compared to the product’s many competitors.

There are plenty of great options on our list of top five focus supplements that we’ve tried first hand and know deliver reliable results; however, none of them are even close to $100, some are even half of that. Either way, you can pick up Alpha Brain Black Label directly from Onnit’s online store at, where it carries that price tag of $124.95 outside of any discount.