ProSupps squeezes 50g of protein and 234g of carbs into its new mass gainer

Jul 26th, 2021
prosupps gain

Many of the new supplements we’ve seen from the legacy brand ProSupps over the past year or so have been protein powders and pre-workouts. In the saturated and fiercely competitive protein category, there has been the whey isolate formula Whey Isolate, the vegan-friendly Plant Perform, and now we have the much more calorie-dense “Gain”.

True to its name, ProSupps Gain is a nutritionally loaded mass protein powder, packing a hefty 50g of protein per serving from whey concentrate. You then get a moderate 8g of fat from coconut oil and 2g of tried and true creatine monohydrate. Finally, there is a massive amount of carbohydrates at 234g from maltodextrin with 12g of that sugar.

The total calories on a serving of ProSupps Gain is an even 1,200, with just eight servings squeezed into the supplement’s one 6lb tub size. The “Super Mass Gainer” as its label calls itself, looks to be launching soon with no mention of any exclusivity, and from what we can see, the relatively straightforward gainer will have the one Chocolate flavor.