Colorful and limited Rainbow flavor of RAZE coming in the next few weeks

Jul 9th, 2021
rainbow raze energy drink

In June, REPP Sports launched its first real limited-edition flavor of its popular, great-tasting, and high-energy RAZE Energy drink with the fruity and refreshing Strawberry Lemonade. The brand actually managed to sell through all stock of the product in just one week, and it turns out that is far from the end of limited-time tastes for RAZE Energy.

REPP Sports and RAZE Energy are planning to do a limited-edition flavor every month moving forward, and to get some excitement going for Strawberry Lemonade’s follow-up its name has been confirmed. Due to release later this month for the always enjoyable RAZE Energy drink is a colorful and sweet candy-sounding creation called Rainbow.

A launch date for the Rainbow RAZE Energy has not been set, although if REPP Sports is doing monthly limited-time flavors, we’re guessing it’ll be here a month after Strawberry Lemonade, so either next week or the one after. The product will, of course, feature all of RAZE Energy’s key ingredients, including 300mg of caffeine and zero calories.