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Sweden welcomes another functional beverage to the market in RECO

reco functional beverage

RECO is another functional beverage company out of Sweden that just hit the market and takes a similar approach in ingredients to some other competitors from the country. You can get a glimpse of RECO’s flagship product in the image above, featuring bright and colorful, eye-catching designs on its first two flavors, Frosted Lemonade and Crispy Pear.

The functional beverage from RECO comes with a few different types of ingredients, including a blend of B vitamins and vitamin D, electrolytes to support hydration, and all nine EAAs to help with muscle recovery. There is also an energy component to the product with 180mg of caffeine per can, and to keep things clean nutritionally, it has absolutely no sugar.

We’re not sure where the best place is to purchase RECO and its flagship drink just yet, although functional beverages tend to get great distribution in Sweden, so don’t be surprised if it starts popping up in some of the major retailers. Once again, the product is hitting the market in two flavors to start, Frosty Lemonade and a popular Swedish flavor in Crispy Pear.