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RSP Nutrition adds immune health ingredients for its AminoLean spin-off

rsp nutrition aminolean recovery

AminoLean is one of RSP Nutrition’s more popular supplements, featuring a combination of aminos, a non-transparent 1.5g blend of weight loss ingredients, and InnovaTea and theobromine for energy. The brand has now introduced a spin-off of AminoLean called AminoLean Recovery, which is still amino-based but focuses on different benefits with its non-amino ingredients.

RSP Nutrition’s AminoLean Recovery firstly features a combined 5g of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery, with almost all of that 5g being BCAAs at 4g. Alongside that full spectrum of EAAs, the brand has included immune health ingredients such as vitamin C, reishi, vitamin D3, and zinc, and another blend for hydration made of high-quality, premium Aquamin sea minerals.

AminoLean Recovery is essentially an immune-health-infused version, still packing a good amount of aminos, but as mentioned, it is those other ingredients that separate it from the original AminoLean. The latest supplement from RSP Nutrition is available through its website for slightly more than AminoLean at $24.97 in Blue Raspberry, Blood Orange, and Tropical flavors.