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Titan celebrates Extreme Pre Wreck with a new look, flavor and value size

titan nutrition extreme pre wreck celebration

Extreme Pre Wreck is a long-running pre-workout supplement from the South African brand Titan Nutrition, and it has been a favorite among fans since its inception. The product doesn’t have a wide variety of ingredients, but solid dosages of the few it does feature, including a hefty 9g of citrulline malate, 1.5g of tyrosine, 3g of GlycerSize, 150mg of Dynamine, and a strong 450mg of caffeine.

Titan Nutrition is celebrating and giving back to Extreme Pre Wreck this week in more ways than one. Firstly, the brand has refreshed its label design, making its alternative title a bit more obvious, all while still feeling very familiar. Titan has added a third flavor to the pre-workout as well, with Peach Chaos, and dropped a special edition, value size of its Killer Lemonade Extreme Pre Wreck.

That value size is only available for a limited time and comes with 50% more servings per tub at 66 instead of 44, but despite the massive amount of extra servings, it will be the same price on shelves. As mentioned, Titan Nutrition is truly celebrating and giving back to its pre-workout Extreme Pre Wreck, so be on the lookout for it in stores if you’re one of its many fans in South Africa.