Eight-month-old Charlie Mike gets its first new flavor in Blackberry Lemonade

Jul 29th, 2021
uxo supplements blackberry lemonade charlie mike

Charlie Mike is UXO Supplements’ competitor in the amino category, combining a full spectrum of EAAs for muscle recovery, plus PeakO2 for performance and a few ingredients for hydration. The product is actually one of the newer entries in the brand’s lineup, coming to market in November of last year, although it only debuted in the one Orange Creamsicle flavor.

Eight months from the launch of UXO Supplements’ Charlie Mike and the brand is back, giving the EAA product its much-needed and first new flavor, Blackberry Lemonade. Fans of the reputable brand finally have a second taste to choose from for the intra-workout supporting supplement and it is available now through UXO’s website at $36.99 for a 30 serving tub.

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