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Xplosiv debuts its own line of products and starts with a one calorie energy drink

xplosiv ping energy drink

The popular supplement retailer in New Zealand, Xplosiv, has come out with its own line of products and eventually supplements, although it hasn’t debuted with what you’d expect. To start the brand, Xplosiv has put together an energy drink called Ping, coming in a slim and sleek 250ml (8.45fl oz) can, featuring various low-dose pre-workout ingredients.

Xplosiv’s Ping performance drink isn’t as packed as your typical stimulant pre-workout, but as mentioned, it features a selection of pre-workout style ingredients to lightly support energy, focus, pumps, and performance. Each can of Ping comes with 1.05g of beta-alanine, 26mg of tyrosine, 657mg of betaine, 980mg of citrulline, and, of course, caffeine at a moderate 105mg.

While those dosages aren’t anything compared to most pre-workouts, where you’d see beta-alanine at 3.2g and citrulline more than six times that at 6g, keep in mind, it is an on-the-go energy drink. If you’re looking for a light pick-me-up and could do with 105mg of caffeine, Ping fits the bill, and it’s nutritionally friendly with only a single calorie in a can.

Xplosiv has launched Ping in four tasty flavors with Tropicana (tropical punch), Electric Fizz (lemon lime), Tiki Punch (pineapple), and Blizzard (blueberry lemonade). You can grab the product directly from Xplosiv’s online store at a reasonable $39.95 (27.89 USD) for a case of 12, which works out to $3.33 (2.32 USD) each.

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