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Canadian brand Yummy Sports enters the ever-growing superfood category

yummy sports greens

Yummy Sports in Canada is the latest supplement company to enter the consistently growing superfood market with a product simply named “Yummy Sports Greens”. While the title of the supplement suggests otherwise, the brand has packed Greens with more than just its name, taking a comprehensive approach and combining a variety of ingredients.

Yummy Sports Greens brings together three full servings of fruits and greens, enzymes to support digestion, prebiotic fiber, and antioxidants to help with general health, wellness, and immunity. We can’t find the full facts panel for the product anywhere, but it is now available for purchase directly from the brand through its online store at

From the Yummy Sports website, Yummy Sports Greens costs $44.99 (35.49 USD) for a tub of 30 servings, with each of those servings weighing 10g, so there is plenty of room for good dosages. As for the most essential part, Greens has launched in two flavors, Mango & Peach, and Wild Berries, both of which the brand promises to be delicious experiences.