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Bowmar brings together three of its supplements to create Clear Skin Cocktail

bowmar nutrition clear skin cocktail

A little more than a week from today, Bowmar Nutrition is launching something quite interesting with Clear Skin Cocktail, which sounds like an all-new supplement, although that’s not entirely the case. Clear Skin Cocktail is a three-in-one formula that brings together three already available products from the Bowmar lineup into one single sachet serving.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Clear Skin Cocktail is Immunity, Greens, and Collagen combined, and as far as we know, the brand has carried over each supplement’s entire formula; every ingredient and dose. We don’t know for sure that’s the case as the brand hasn’t shared Clear Skin Cocktail’s facts panel, but it does have a large 32.6g serving, giving it plenty of room.

All of those products feature ingredients to support the benefit or type in their name, with Immunity full of immune health compounds, Greens being a superfood formula, and Collagen a collagen supplement. We’ll find out exactly what’s in Clear Skin Cocktail next week on Wednesday when it’ll be available in single-serving sachets and bundles of sachets.

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