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Introducing the gummy company Candy Can and its Focus and Sleep supplements

Candy Can Sleep And Focus Gummy Supplements

Gummy candy supplements aren’t a trend yet, although we have been seeing more of them pop up over the past year or two, from both brands based entirely on the format and already established companies. Candy Can is a colorful new brand and the newest entry in that area of the industry, and it has just launched with two products, Focus and Sleep.

Candy Can’s Focus and Sleep gummies feature active ingredients to support the benefits in their names. Sleep is a fruity gummy product featuring unknown amounts of melatonin and lemon balm to support sleep. As for Candy Can’s Focus, that is a sour gummy product, and to support focus, it combines theanine, alpha-GPC, and a light 50mg of caffeine.

Candy Can Sleep And Focus Gummy Supplements

Candy Can’s releases come in bags of gummy bears, and you get a variety of three flavors in them, with Focus and Sleep having the same combination in Peach Apricot Mango, Strawberry, and Lemon Lime. The functional gummies aren’t completely nutrition-free with 24 to 25g of carbohydrates per bag, a low 2g of sugar, no fat, and a total of 60 calories.

For a closer look and to potentially purchase either of Candy Can’s Focus and Sleep gummy supplements, you can head to its website, which is now live at You can’t, unfortunately, buy small amounts; the newcomer is currently only selling its functional gummy bears in bundles of 12, 40g bags at $49.99, which works out to a reasonable $4.17 a bag.

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