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Core Commodities Series welcomes Calcium Magnesium Citrate and B-Complex

core nutritionals b complex

The Core Commodities Series is Core Nutritionals’ collection of simple and straightforward supplements, most of which feature the one ingredient mentioned in their name. This week the reputable brand has added another two to that line with Calcium Magnesium Citrate and B-Complex, both explaining what’s in them and what they’re all about in their titles.

Core Nutritionals’ Calcium Magnesium Citrate is a two-ingredient product combining calcium and magnesium citrate for bone and muscle health, and dosed at a gram and half a gram, respectively. As for B-Complex, that brings together a variety of B vitamins, all at solid dosages such as 100mg of niacin and 400mcg of folic acid, all rolled into a single-capsule serving.

As per usual, Core Nutritionals is celebrating the launch of its latest supplements with a sale where you get 10% off everything in its Core Commodities Series, in addition to any coupon codes you might have. That drops Calcium Magnesium Citrate down to $22.94 for a bottle of 50 servings and B-Complex from $21.99 to $19.79 for a bottle of 90 servings.