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Core announces price increases for its dairy proteins coming into effect September 1st

Core Nutritionals Protein Price Increaes

The supplement industry is currently going through a number of issues on the manufacturing side, with several ingredients seeing shortages and big price increases as well as delays on packaging. Core Nutritionals is being completely transparent and letting its legion of fans know that it is going to be increasing the price of its various dairy-based protein powders.

Core Nutritionals has done its best to swallow the additional costs and still make the supplements as reasonable and affordable as possible. The products that will be affected are Core Pro, Core ISO, and the more advanced protein formulas, Core MRP and Core Post. To give you an idea of the new pricing, Core Pro, for example, is going up to $44.99 for its 2lb tub size and $84.99 for the larger and still more cost-effective 5lber.

Core Nutritionals won’t be the only one doing this, regardless of whether or not others come out and openly announce the increase like Core. It is worth noting there will be no change to the reputable brand’s plant-based, vegan-friendly protein powder Core Vegan, although even after the increase, Core Pro is going to remain the more cost-effective option.

The changes are coming into effect on the 1st of September, so you have a few days to get in at or any retailers and stock up. Ongoing coupon codes do still work in the brand’s online store, including our own Stack3d Insider code for 20% discount.