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Two all-new pre-workouts coming down the pipeline from Efectiv Nutrition

Efectiv Nutrition Upcoming Pre-Workouts

The UK sports nutrition brand Efectiv Nutrition is coming out with a pair of pre-workout supplements, separate from its current offerings, Advanced Pre Workout and Efectiv Power. Not a lot is known about either of the products, only that they’re both pre-workouts and that one of them will be powered by stimulants and the other will be completely stimulant-free.

Efectiv Nutrition has not named either of the supplements but is making some strong promises, saying both of the pre-workouts will be optimally dosed to support some intense and extreme workouts. We do have a few ingredients to share for the two upcoming products, although they’re only a few, and as far as we know, they’re not all the brand is putting in there.

For the stimulant pre-workout, Efectiv Nutrition has the likes of Cocoabuterol, AmentoPump, and of course, caffeine, and for the stimulant-free supplement, there is citrulline, AmentoPump again, and Paradoxine grains of paradise. More details on the products will be shared soon, with the brand planning to drop both of them at the same time in the coming months.