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Fulfil creates a second protein bar that’s crispier and nutritionally lighter

Fulfil Crispy Protein Bar

Fulfil Nutrition has announced an all-new protein snack, and no, it is not a flavor extension of its original, popular, and tasty protein bar; it is something entirely different. This is quite significant from Fulfil, as for as long as it’s been around and as impressively large as it’s grown, it has only had the one protein bar available packing a strong 20g of protein.

Fulfil Nutrition’s second snack is the Crispy Protein Bar, in the traditional bar format, similar to the brand’s original product; however, the build of it is a lot different. The Fulfil snack features a light and crunchy main body made up of crispy pieces, all covered in tasty chocolate. There are two flavors, Peanut and Caramel, the former of which also has peanuts in it.

The nutrition profile of Fulfil Nutrition’s Crispy Protein Bar is lighter in most areas compared to its other protein snack packing 8.7g of protein instead of 20, 12g of carbohydrates with less than 2g of sugar, 7.6g of fat, and 150 calories. Those numbers are well below the first Fulfil product, which usually means you can count on better taste and texture overall.

Fulfil Nutrition has noted its Crispy Protein Bar is a limited product, so while it’s not available yet when it does arrive in its Peanut and Caramel flavors, it won’t be here to stay. The brand’s own online store is listing the product out of stock at a price of €31.50 (37.16 USD), meaning it’ll be more than the regular Fulfil Protein Bar, but it has more bars in a box at 18.

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