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Gaspari puts more than just fiber into its digestion supplement Proven Fiber

gaspari proven fiber

Gaspari Nutrition has been on real health and wellness streak over the past year or so, releasing more supplements in that area of the industry than the brand’s more familiar sports nutrition space. Next Tuesday, that theme continues with Proven Fiber, which is, of course, a fiber-based product, although while fiber is in the formula, that’s far from all the brand has squeezed into it.

Proven Fiber from Gaspari Nutrition is a comprehensive digestion supplement coming in unflavored powder form, making it easier to mix with shakes and smoothies. It has a good amount of fiber by way of psyllium husk powder at 5.5g per serving, alongside another 5.5g of sunflower lecithin, half a gram of CLA, and 4.8g of flaxseed oil, a good source of omega-3 and omega-6.

gaspari nutrition proven fiber

On top of all of those ingredients mentioned above, Gaspari Nutrition has also included a blend of digestive enzymes in Proven Fiber as well as heat-stable probiotics providing a solid two billion CFUs for gut health. Once again, the brand wraps all of those features up in an unflavored powder to enjoy with water, juice, or any beverage really, and with the usual 30 servings a tub.