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Five-month-old Grizzly gets into the beverage market with Grizzly Energy

grizzly energy drink

Earlier this year, Canada welcomed an all-new sports nutrition company to the market with Grizzly, which debuted with four separate supplements, all belonging to popular categories. Each of the products is named after its category, or in one case, two categories, with Grizzly Pre-Workout, Test Booster, the protein powder Protein Isolate, and lastly, the hybrid Aminos + Nootropics.

Despite Grizzly still being a very new supplement company, it is making a move you don’t typically see anyone making in their first year, let alone their first six months. The Canadian brand is getting into the growing beverage space with Grizzly Energy featuring a simple and reliable formula to give you an anytime energy boost, and it’s nutritionally friendly with zero sugar per can.

Grizzly Energy features a combination of taurine, guarana, inositol, glucuronolactone, and to provide that elevated energy, there is 160mg of caffeine, which is right around our preferred amount in an energy drink. As mentioned, the product is nutritionally friendly with zero sugar, no fat or protein, and 3g of carbohydrates, giving the beverage a low and lean calorie count of only 10.

Grizzly is rolling out Grizzly Energy to stores and stockists in two flavors to start with Orange Mango and Strawberry Kiwi, and unlike the rest of its line, the beverage is not exclusive. Fans of the brand will already know, in Canada, you can only buy Grizzly’s sports nutrition supplements from GNC, which again won’t be the case with Grizzly Energy; it will be at GNC and other retailers.