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GymFlo’s amino Overcome is getting its second-ever flavor this coming Thursday

gymflo orange sherbet overcome

In three days on Thursday, GymFlo is launching another flavor for its amino supplement Overcome, which is something fans have probably been waiting for. At the moment, the product only has one option on its menu in Homemade Lemonade and featuring a fairly robust amino formula, including 8.35g of all nine EAAs, 6g of that BCAAs, plus a handful of ingredients for hydration.

GymFlo’s second-ever flavor of Overcome is, as mentioned, arriving this Thursday, and it is going to be an orange creamsicle-inspired creation with Orange Sherbet. The supplement’s only flavor outside of the original Homemade Lemonade will be available first through the brand’s online store, where you’ll pay $44.99 before any discount for a full-size, 30 serving tub of Overcome.

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