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JNX Sports introduces a second fat burner to go alongside its original The Ripper

Jnx Sports The Omen

Widely available JNX Sports, originally called Cobra Labs, is known for just a handful of supplements, most of which feature stimulants in some way, shape, or form. There is the brand’s first-ever product, the pre-workout The Curse, then its fat-burning formula The Ripper, Daily Amino, and another pre-workout in The Shadow, which was initially Shadow-X.

There is now a second weight loss supplement from JNX Sports in The Omen, competing alongside The Ripper, also featuring stimulants, although it comes in capsule form as opposed to flavored powder. It is a fully transparent product relying on a simple set of six ingredients, including caffeine at a solid 300mg in a two-capsule serving with 50 servings per bottle.

To go with the caffeine, JNX Sports The Omen has 125mg of theobromine, 50mg each of green coffee bean and green tea, 25mg of grains of paradise, and lastly, 350mg of acetyl-l-carnitine. The entire combination aims to increase energy, which it should have no problem doing with the pre-workout-like 300mg of caffeine, enhance metabolism and thermogenesis, and control appetite.

JNX Sports is rolling out its first entirely new supplement in many years, online, starting next week, with its many retailers and distributors likely to follow in the coming weeks and months. As mentioned, The Omen has 50 full servings per bottle, and that is 50 each with 300mg of caffeine, so it’ll last you well beyond a month if you are happy with one serving a day.