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Klout PWR shares the formula behind PWR Off ahead of its Saturday launch

klout pwr pwr off

After recently teasing the supplement, Klout PWR has gone ahead and completely unveiled its all-new sleep support product PWR Off to go alongside its pre-workout, pump, amino, and protein powder. The brand has brought together a simple blend of commonly used sleep ingredients for its debut in the category, all to help improve sleep, stress, and recovery.

The more traditional sleep ingredients Klout PWR has thrown into PWR Off are GABA at 1.5g per serving, 250mg of theanine, melatonin at 3mg, and glycine at 3g. Alongside those three are also a gram each of the magnesium sources, dimagnesium malate and magnesium taurate, and 25mg each of celery seed extract and the premium absorption enhancing feature Astragin.

Klout PWR’s sleep supporting supplement PWR Off is not available for purchase just yet, but it’s not far away. The up-and-coming brand is planning to launch the product in a handful of days on Saturday of this week, directly through its website. PWR Off will have the usual amount of servings per tub at 30 in the one Blueberry Pomegranate flavor at $44.99 each.