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Kill Cliff and Israel Adesanya’s Tekilla Kiwi Ignite arrives with several accessories

tekilla kiwi ignite energy drink

Back around the middle of June, functional beverage brand, Kill Cliff released a teaser of another flavor collaboration, similar to what it did with Joe Rogan for its Flaming Joe Ignite and CBD drinks. That second partnership product is with none other than Israel Adesanya, “The Last Stylebender”, and the flavor the two created is Tekilla Kiwi for Kill Cliff’s Ignite energy drink.

While Kill Cliff’s Israel Adesanya collaboration was originally said to arrive on the 1st of August, it has arrived this week, not only giving fans long-awaited availability but the first real look at the product. You can purchase the special edition Ignite energy drink from the brand’s online store with a few options, and like with the Flaming Joe Ignite; there are some limited accessories alongside it.

You can grab Kill Cliff and Israel Adesanya Tekilla Kiwi Ignite energy drink at $26.09 for a pack of 12 cans or pick up twice that at 24 cans for the slightly more cost-effective price of $50.39. As mentioned, there are some Tekilla Kiwi accessories as well, with a tee, tumbler, and can cooler, which all except for the cooler are available in a bundle plus a case of 24 cans of Tekilla Kiwi at $99.99.