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Relaxing Lemon Ginger flavor finally gives Steel’s Rested-AF a second flavor

lemon ginger rested af

The many fans and followers of Steel Supplements, specifically those that regularly use its sleep product Rested AF, will be pleased to know you now have another flavor to choose from. Previously there was only one taste on the menu of Rested AF in a classic Fruit Punch, which has just been joined by something a lot less traditional and fitting for the relaxing product.

Steel Supplements has launched Rested AF in Lemon Ginger, featuring all of its usual ingredients wrapped in an 11g non-transparent blend, including the likes of GABA, valerian root, safed musli, and mucuna pruriens. You can grab the second-ever flavor of Rested AF directly from the brand’s website, where you’re looking at a price of $50 for a full-size tub of 50 servings.