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Lenny and Larry’s Boss Cookie Review: Thick, chewy and lacking in flavor

Lenny And Larrys Boss Cookie Review

The Boss Cookie is Lenny and Larry’s higher protein and lower-calorie cookie compared to its original Complete Cookie packing 16g of protein and a huge 420 calories in its Chocolate Chip flavor. The Boss Cookie comes in at 18g of protein, and thanks to its 18 to 19g of carbohydrates and 11 to 12g of fat, the calories are well below that 420 mark; in fact, they’re almost half at 220.

Since the product was announced earlier this year, we wanted to get our hands on Lenny and Larry’s Boss Cookie to see how it compares to the Complete Cookie and other snacks with similar macros. We recently grabbed a box of two of its three flavors, Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter Chunk, leaving out Triple Chocolate Chunk as the other two should be enough to paint a picture.

Lenny And Larrys Boss Cookie Review


Protein snacks in cookie format have come a long way in the past few years, with several companies out there now giving you actual cookie-like crumbliness and flavor, all while packing a good amount of protein. The Boss Cookie is not one of those products; while it does have more protein and a lot fewer calories than the Complete Cookie, the taste and texture aren’t worth it.

Lenny and Larry’s Boss Cookie feels like a round, chewy, and somewhat bland protein bar with chips and chunks throughout. Those chunks are the only real highlight of the product, although you have to make sure you get a few of them in a bite to make it worthwhile. The main body is dense and lacking in flavor, and due to that chewiness, getting through the body is most of the experience.

Lenny And Larrys Boss Cookie Review

As mentioned, the chips and chunks in the product are the saving grace; however, even they aren’t as sweet and tasty as we’ve had in other protein snacks. Their smooth consistency is a nice change of pace compared to the Boss Cookie’s main body, but there is none of that shock sweetness we’ve seen in other products, and that goes for Chocolate Chunk and Peanut Butter Chunk.


We were glad to see Lenny and Larry’s finally come out with a higher protein and lower-calorie snack in the Boss Cookie. Unfortunately, that leaner alternative doesn’t bring an overly enjoyable experience, at least compared to some of its many competitors. It truly does just feel like a round chewy protein bar with little strength in flavor and sweetness, and not a whole lot to enjoy.