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MetaLab unveils its first-ever fat burner and its far from your typical competitor

Metalab Loser

The consistently creative and well-branded South African supplement company MetaLab, has announced another addition to its gradually growing selection of products. The supplement is the brand’s first entry into the highly competitive weight loss category, although instead of taking an all-out stimulant approach, MetaLab’s competitor is stimulant-free.

The still relatively new brand has called its first-ever fat burner “Loser”, obviously referring to the concept of “losing” weight. To fit with the theme and play on words, the product comes with an illustrated individual on the front, throwing the classic “L” to the forehead. As for the ingredients in the supplement, it comes with a fairly straightforward formula backed by three compounds.

To deliver on its primary benefit of burning fat, MetaLab has put the premium, patented, and proven InnoSlim into Loser, and at a solid dose of half a gram per serving. Alongside that, there is a full gram of the mushroom lion’s mane for focus, and lastly, another half a gram of the branded Aquamin marine sourced minerals to support hydration and performance.

As mentioned, MetaLab’s Loser is quite a short and simple formula, opting for a wider variety of types and effects rather than bringing together a laundry list of ingredients to support weight loss. It is certainly an interesting approach, even more so that it’s all without stimulants, and don’t forget, it is also the brand’s first product for the saturated fat burning market.

MetaLab is looking to Loser sometime in the near future, and it will be available in capsule format, with all of those ingredients highlighted above being squeezed into a three-capsule serving.