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G Fuel’s Nickmercs collaboration surfaces at Sam’s Club in competitively priced variety pack

mfam punch g fuel energy drink

It is slowly becoming more and more difficult to keep up with the gaming brand G Fuel and all of its releases, purely because it drops so many and in a variety of places. Yet another flavor of the brand’s smooth, tasty, and popular G Fuel Energy Drink has now surfaced, although not only has it shown up outside of but also not in the usual case of 12 cans.

This time around, G Fuel has partnered with the hugely popular gamer and FaZeClan member Nickmercs for an energy drink flavor named after his loyal fanbase, MFAM. The product’s official title is MFAM Punch, and it is described as a fruity, tropical flavor, still packing all of the highlights you’ve come to expect from the beverage, including 300mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, G Fuel and Nickmerc’s MFAM Punch G Fuel Energy Drink isn’t available in the usual case of 12, nor at The product comes in a variety pack of 18 cans, six each of the new MFAM Punch, FaZeberry, and FaZe Rug’s Sour Chug Rug. The bundle is also currently only available from the membership retailer Sam’s Club and at a highly competitive price.

Sam’s Club has the MFAM Punch containing G Fuel Energy Drink variety pack priced at $26.98, which is a huge difference compared to the brand’s own online store at $31.99 for 12. You basically get 50% more cans for what works out to be 44% cheaper per drink.

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