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Chocolate Speculoos is back for good for Misfits’ plant-based protein bar

misfits chocolate speculoos protein bar

A few months ago, the plant-based protein brand Misfits came out with a delicious new flavor of its flagship protein bar inspired by the incredibly popular and iconic Speculoos Spread. The product was the Misfits Chocolate Speculoos Protein Bar, and not only was it a limited edition launch, but impressively, it managed to sell out the same day it became available.

Anyone who missed out on that initial release will be pleased to know the product has returned this week, and it is not going anywhere. Misfits has brought back its Speculoos Spread-themed Chocolate Speculoos Protein Bar, and this time around, it is not limited. You can now head to the brand’s website and grab the hugely popular flavor at £18 (24.95 USD) a box.

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